#KBXSelect Vol. 23 Hates the Player and the Game

#KBXSelect vol 23

I’ve been called a hater once or twice before in my lifetime. A love hater, a player hater, a hater of the game… I hate it all. I am the chick that hopes you never get off Fridays, and you work at a Friday’s, that’s always busy on Fridays.

Here is a list of things that I hate, in no particular order:

#1. DJs that don’t play more than 10 seconds of a song: I hate when I hear a good song that gets me motivated to dance, and the second I hit the floor, switches out to something else. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your best move and the song awkwardly changes beat. Contrary to popular opinion, a two step doesn’t go with everything.

#2. People who act like they don’t like any ratchet music: I get that most of it is problematic for many different reasons. But here is the trick, tune out the lyrics. If you think you are too good for Tity Boi, I don’t know that we can be friends.

#3. When the remix to a song is simply a rap verse inserted into a song: I feel like that is such a cop-out. If you aren’t really changing the song, can you call it a remix?

#4. When rappers try to sing, when singers try to rap, when actors try to rap or sing: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. There are of course, exceptions to this rule, but there are so many others who are not. (cough, Idris Elba, cough)

#5. Men who sing like women: Just to be clear, I understand that falsetto is a thing and there are some that do it very well (ie: Prince, Maxwell, etc). Call me old fashioned, but I like my men to sound like men. There is no reason for you to sound more feminine than I do.

All that being said, I promise you won’t hate this week’s list. It kicks off with Boston’s own Millyz, who links up with Statik Selektah on “State of Mind”. There is also a dope remix of Goldlink’s “Unique” (and its an actual remix). Then check out Kazi’s “The Horror” from his new EP “Demons”. Finally, no list is complete without DJ Khaled, who pairs up with Drake on “For Free”.

They don’t want you to hate, but they do want you to tag on us all social media using hashtag #KBXSelect.

01. Millyz (@millyz) — State Of Mind
02. Bishop Nehru (@bishychulo) — Love What You Do
03. Statik Selektah (@statikselekt) X 2 Chainz (@hairweavekiller) — “Smoke Break”
04. Gensu Dean (@therealgensudean) & Denmark Vessey (@denmarkves) — The Meek
05. BBRC @ntsbbrc (ft. Evidence & The Alchemist) — Just Step Remix
06. The Mekanix @themekanix(ft. E-40, Too $hort, Richie Rich & Loverboi)— 2 Hands
07. Tony Ozier (@tonyozier) — Still Doo Doo
08. GoldLink (@GoldLink)— Unique (Louis Futon Remix)
09. Dabid Music (@dabidmusic) — Paper Chasin’
10. Geno Da1 @genoda1 (ft. Kbaka) — No Hook [Prod. SeriousBeats]
11. Fredfades @fredfades/ & Ivan Ave @ivanavenue (ft. Fresh Daily & Juju Rogers) — Fruitful Remix
12. Smoke DZA @kushedgod (ft. Joey Bada$$ @joeybadass) — “Wagons” [Prod. Lirker]
13. Kazi @kaziox (ft. C Keys & Dex) — The Horror
14. Skizz @djskizz (ft. Your Old Droog @yourolddroog) — Listen To Jazz
15. DJ Khaled @djkhaled (ft. Drake @champagnepapi) — For Free
16. Chairlift @chairlifted (ft. D.R.A.M. @only1dram & Jimi Tents @jimitents) — Ch-Ching (Redux)
17. Smino (@SminoBrown) — blkjuptr
18. Jon Belz (@J0NBELZ) — Drive
19. Glasses (@glassesmusic) — Close to You
20. Peyton (@bbypeyy) — Sweet Honey [Prod. Chase of Nazareth]