#KBXSelect Vol. 21 Rocks On Any Block

#KBXSelect vol 21

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I need to two-step in a turnt-up world. But something has got to give. In general, I’m a pretty anti-social person. Be clear. I love spending time with my friends, and sometimes genuinely like being out and about, but when given a choice, you are much more likely to find me posted up on the couch going through my DVR queue, or Netflixing minus the chill.

So when I do go out, I really try to make the most of it. I get my drink, find a good spot to have room to do what I do, and try not to leave the dance floor. However, the issue I’ve been running into lately is that I have no idea what. these. songs. are. Or how to dance to them. I’m over here trying to do my thing and look cute, then a song comes on and everybody else seems to get hype and I’m over here looking lost.

Part of my confusion is that I can’t understand the lyrics. Or I only understand the chorus. Can you really call yourself singing along to a song you only know five words to? (I go hard on those five words though). Then as I am standing there confused, you see that dude in the middle who is doing the most. All the way turnt up. Doing some crazy complicated dance that has him bopping and bouncing through the crowd. Part of me is hoping he doesn’t knock into me. The other part is like ok, I can do that, but I’m sure this is what I end up looking like.

Maybe I just need to give it up and stick with Slades. At least I know my two-step is appreciated there.

I promise that you will be able to understand 90% of the lyrics on this week’s list. Listen below and let me know what you think using hashtag #KBXSelect.

01. B.jamelle (@bnesstoseeness) — There, They’re.
02. ELHAE (@elhae) — iBelieve [Prod. Rascal]
03. Wasiu (@AfroWasiu) — P.K. Subban [Prod. Noah Barer & Cavewerk]
04. Marcellus Juvann @c3lldope (ft. LB199X & Bria Zhanae) — Just Like You
05. Samaria @samariamusic (ft. Kehlani @kehlani) — Love Me Crazy [Prod. DTB]
06. Casey Veggies (@caseyveggies) — Choose Up
07. Sraw (@sunravv) & East (@beatroze) – On & On
08. Krs. (@photos.krs) x tobi lou (@tobilou) – game ova remix
09. MEDHANE (@mehdonny) x Slauson Malone (@thatboiakathatboi) — 304
10. matt mcghee @mattxmcghee — luna x shea butter mami [Prod. jaylen!]
11. EMAAD (@xemaad) — Legacee
12. oppi @oppicat (ft. K.Raydio @kraydio)— Implications
13. Caleb Giles (@groovycaleb) — Quick Heat [Prod. laronisaloser]
14. REKS (@reksflicks)— “The Recipe” (prod by Nottz, cuts by DJ Kerosene)
15. Masta Ace @mastaacepics (ft. Pav Bundy And Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) — Young Black Intelligent (Y.B.I.)
16. Larry June TFM (@larryjunetfm) — Sunshine [Prod by King Kilo]
17. Penthouse (@penthousepenthouse) & Maribelle (@maribellemusic) — About You (Deer Remix)
18. Sampa The Great (@sampa_the_great)— Blessings
19. Blameful Isles (@blamefulisles) — Tipping Point
20. Tom Misch (@tommisch) — Watch Me Dance
21. Pomrad @pomradmusic (ft. Billie) — Out Like A Light
22. Trey Tuck (@werkoholic_treytuck) — Views