Get Soulful With #KBXSelect Vol. 19

#KBXSelect vol 19

Just wanted to let you know that I checked on Stevie, Sade, Patti, Aretha, and a few others and everyone is doing well at the moment, so my remaining childhood memories are safe for now.

Whew. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into this week’s KBXSelect list. Starting the mood off right is the Foreign Exchange collective’s own Zo!, who teams with Dornik and Phonte on the lush and soulful “Lifelines”, the lead single on his 3rd album, set to be released later this month.

Speaking of soul, Klyne’s “Don’t Stop” is another standout track for me. It’s very electro-pop with a dash of funk.

Also on the list, you can also find an unconventional protest song (RIOT’s “POLICE!!!” ft. Overdoz.) alongside “Badonk”  by Pouya and The Ying Yang Twins as a tribute to the feminine form.

And you know we love our hip-hop. Check out AllttA’s “Connery”, Tiff the Gift’s “Passed Out”, and John Pizza’s (ft. Alfie Lennox, Nappy Nina & Lil Kids) “Dutch Mastah Killah”.

Let us know what you are digging this week. Like it, share it, tag us using #KBXSelect.

01. Zo! @Zo3hree5ive (ft. Dornik @DornikSpeaks)— Lifelines
02. Donwill @donwill (ft. Che Grand @cheGRAND) — GOT
03. Lil Uzi Vert @LILUZIVERT x King ZipLock —Thats My Rule
04. tusken. (@sandpeoplebeats) — corners
05. Gallant (@sogallant)— Episode
06. VonneAStar (@1vonneastar) of 8Mill — TYPE OF NIGGA JUDDIE , BEAN, EMAN , VONNEASTAR [Prod. DK]
07. BoodahDARR (@BoodahDarr) — Sour [Prod. 808 Louie]
08. HiPNOTT Records (@HiPNOTT) — Lessondary – Introducing…
09. Pouya @Pouyalilpou (ft. Ying Yang Twins @yingyangtwins) — Badonk  [Prod. Getter]
10. EMAAD (@xemaad) — EMAADNESS [Prod. Johnny Bangz]
11. The Factoury® (@thefactoury) — Vacation [Prod. Jeremy Rocwell]
12. JordxnBryant (@JordxnBryant) — For Now [Prod. Howiewonder] (Aus Taylor & JordxnBryant)
13. Pluto Monday — HPPY Hr
14. Klyne (@thisisklyne) — Don’t Stop
15. AllttA (@allttamusic) — Connery [Prod. 20syl]
16. Jordan Rakei (@jordanrakei) — Talk To Me
17. Tiff The Gift (@tiff_the_gift) — Passed Out [Prod. JR Swiftz]
18. Homeboy Sandman (@HomeboySandman) — Kindness For Weakness
19. RIOT @RIOTbyStarchild (ft. Overdoz. @overdoz) — POLICE!!!
20. STEEZA (@namaSTEEZA) — Connections Offline(s) [Prod. eu-IV]
21. John Pizza @johnpizza (t. Alfie Lenfnox, Nappy Nina & Lil Kids) — Dutch Mastah Killah [Prod. Dusty Fingerz]
22. wifisfuneral @wifisfuneral (ft. Robb Banks @RobbBanks) — Love the Feeling [Prod. Danny Wolf]
23 RAY BLK @rayblk_ (ft. Stormzy @Stormzy1) — My Hood
24. Alan The Chemist (@alanthechemist) — Blu – “Cobb”