KBX Premiere: Oompa Reminds Us Of Why Life Is Dope With “Got Damn’ed”!

Boston artist Oompa is back with the perfect track to lead us into warmer days with “Got Damn’ed”. This song has as much dynamic presence as the rapper herself as she flows effortlessly flows over a heavily musical beat produced by HipStory’s own Cliff Notez.

“Got Damn’ed” is all about transforming pain into light through creation. Oompa leads us through a dope procession of exactly why life is just so damn good. “I just masturbated…turn on the tv/ Solange just got nominated” Oompa raps over a crescendo’ing flurry of hi hats and bright chord progressions on the keys. Cliff joins in around the 1:00 mark, adding his own languid lyricism to the song. From the production to the delivery, this is one of those tracks that’s going to get your mood up. “If you alive right now/ then you better be lit” better be your mantra for 2017.

Oompa wowed Boston when she dropped her first project November 3rd late last year, an album complex in both sound and content. “Got Damn’ed” is a promising preview into what the HipStory collective has in store for us in 2017. Check out the track below and follow Oompa on SoundCloud & Facebook & follow HipStory via their Website & SoundCloud.