Millyz Shows Us What Life Is Like “As A Man” On His New Track


2016 has been a bomb year so far for Boston when it comes to our city being put on the map for our wealth of musical talent. Cambridge rapper Millyz continues this trend of hip hop excellence with his new track “As A Man”, featuring Dave East. It’s been about a year since Millyz last project dropped so KBX is more than hype to see that the rapper is back with no signs of stopping.

The infamous AyyDot produced the solemn sounding, trap inspired beat and he fleshes it out with hi hats and snares, wavy synths and what sounds like muted horns in the background. The track starts off with a child explaining exactly what being a man means- “to never give up”, he tells us. Millyz’s lyrics take us into his past as he goes down that path of having no fear- as rappers often do, he gives us an intimate look into what his life is like “as a man” with only a “couple dollas” in his hands as he chases after his dreams. Dave East’s verse is as equally insightful as he describes his struggles with his father, loosing friends and making it in the music industry. “As A Man” is much more than a track- it’s a testament to how hard life can really be. But, consequently, the song is really about overcoming those hardships to become something greater- in Millyz’s case, becoming one of the most recognizable voices on the Boston hip hop scene.

Check out the track below. “As A Man” is the first song from Millyz’s upcoming EP “The Short Bus” which will hopefully drop sometime soon.