Marcela Cruz Is Summertime Fine In Her “Stuck On You” Video


Marcela Cruz is back at it again with a brand new music video for her single “Stuck On You”- the track is all about the struggle of moving on from your ex which is even harder when you see your ex’s face in everything you see.

The visuals do a perfect job of really capturing the disorientating moments when you think you see your ex in everything you do. The camera follows the songstress as she does everyday things in the city- she goes out to eat with her girls, goes shopping and ends up at a dope party at the end of the day. Throughout it all though, she still can’t shake the thought of her ex as he haunts her footsteps. She thinks she sees his face when the waiter takes her order at the restaurant and when her and her crew are shopping, she thinks she sees him pass by the store on the street. The two finally link up in the last moments of the video, leaving the ending open ended as we’re left with this age old question- do you get back with the person who has done you wrong? Or do you move forward?

Check out the music video below for “Stuck On You” and make sure to pick up the song via iTunes. Make sure to vote for Marcela Cruz for her chance to participate in this year’s Jam’n 94.5’s Summer Jam here.