Listen: MAKA Just Wants To Do “Better” With New Track


One of KBX’s missions is to bring you dope music but the other part of what we do is to bring you unique music that makes you do an aural double take. When I first heard MAKA’s premier of his newest single “Better”, I didn’t really have the words to describe his sound because I hadn’t really heard anything like it before. That’s exactly how I knew the track was perfect for KBX.

“Better” is the newest addition to MAKA’s extensive list of tracks on SoundCloud, a list I’ve been listening through ever since I first heard “Better”. Produced by Haasan Barclay (who has worked with the likes of Michael Christmas & OG Swaggerdick), “Better” starts off masquerading as lighthearted pop that’s then transformed into a wavy, 808 heavy track softly punctured by hi-hats. At first, “Better” may sound like it belongs in the Trap category but the production and MAKA’s vocals take that trope and turn it right on its head.

MAKA has one of those deep voices that reverberates against your eardrums and travels all the way down into your chest cavity. His vocals oscillate seamlessly from emotionally wrought singing to that strange place between rapping and crooning, reminding us just a little of a more baritone Spooky Black. “Better” is all about the process of self-improvement, an endless cyclical transformation that artists (and all of us) find themselves in as they (and their musical sound) grow and change. “This song is a mission statement,” MAKA said in a statement to KBX. “Not even in a figurative sense. I literally just want to keep getting better. Try, fail, learn, repeat.”

Check out “Better” and make sure to hear the rest of MAKA’s wavy, atmospheric tracks on his SoundCloud.