Latrell James at The Pull Up by John Brewer

Latrell James Returns With New EP “Still”

Hard to believe that’s its been four years since Latrell James delivered his last full length project, Twelve. He hasn’t been just sitting on his hands in the meantime though. The producer/rapper has supplied tracks for various artists, popped up with an occasional feature, supplied music for two different national advertising campaigns, pulled up at Dreamville’s Revenge sessions and even through a release party for an album he’s not releasing.

Now after all that he’s back with a new five track work entitled Still. Intelligent, thoughtful and catchy as hell, James snatches your attention with this one. This is a thinking man’s brand of hip hop with well executed songwriting. Short and to the point, Latrell gives you joints that you will run back over and over.

Jump into the stream and see for yourself below.