Do You Know Rap People #dykrappeople Is On The Way

Around KBX the idea is to have fun and do dope ish as we cover the culture. To that end we are proud to announce Do You Know Rap People (HipHop Jeopardy) hosted by Colton of The Colton Show (@thecoltonshow) on August 5 from 7-10 at the Residence Inn by the Marriott. Presented by Jaz and your friendly neighborhood Killer Crew and powered by our friends at Epicenter Experience.
Get your FREE tickets by clicking here!.

Test your Hip Hop knowledge at the first ever DoYouKnowRapPeople’s Hip-Hop Jeopardy in Boston hosted by Colton from “The Colton Show.”
Tickets are free & you have the chance to win some pretty dope giveaways! And there will be a raffle for those that won’t be playing!
There are 21 open slots to play so make sure you get there early & be prepared to know your hip-hop knowledge!

Sat, August 5, 2017
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

Residence Inn by the Marriott
370 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02110