KBX Premiere: Cliff Notez Drops First Single “Good Riddance”

It’s finally starting to get warm in Boston and we’ve got the perfect track for y’all for summer. The last time we heard from Cliff Notez, he was spitting on fellow HipStory member Oompa’s track “Got Damn’ed!”. The Hip Hop media group has taken the Boston scene by storm, interweaving music with poetry and social justice. “Good Riddance” is our first hint at what we can expect from Cliff’s debut project slated to drop sometime this summer.

“Good Riddance” is the epitome of mastering the art of not giving two f*cks. With delightfully disillusioned lyrics riding on a smooth wave of keys, bass and sax, this track is a testament to putting self care first. Satire is laced all up and out “Good Riddance”, right from the opening lines, “I just stepped out of the matrix/ Don’t like real shit then you probably gonna hate this”. “Black lives matter? Don’t all lives matter?” a Becky asserts on the track to which Cliff responds, “I don’t care…I just gave my fucks away…”

Notez’ effortless and leisurely on point vocals keep “Good Riddance” light-hearted while simultaneously pointing out that while we all bear burdens, there are days when we really need to give no fucks. There are days when we need to say good riddance to everything to maintain our sanity. There are days when “hanging tough” is detrimental to us.

This needs to be your anthem for this summer. Check it out below and make sure to support HipStory as they embark on their first tour!