KBX Premiere: The Last Gekko Delivers With Wavy EP “Visions Before”

Boston based rapper and artist The Last Gekko has a different sound that’ll definitely be a wave of its own in 2018. His EP “Visions Before” is a little longer than the traditional length of an EP, a solid project at 9 tracks long. The languid intro and outro tracks frame a genre bending ambient journey that’s definitely worth the listen.

There’s only one word to describe this EP- wavy. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds, from soft synths to harsh hi hats, a blend of something like Kaytranada meets Flying Lotus meets New Wave Rap. “Don’t Know” opens up important dialogue about self doubt and depression while “Stimulus” (our favorite on the EP) is a track about mental and physical connection. This EP explores the wide breadth of human emotion but is never overwhelming.

The most valuable part of “Visions Before” is that it’s conceptual- Gekko produced 8 out of the 9 tracks and you can peep that in how the lyrics of the tracks are interwoven with the different sounds in the music. We’re excited to see how The Last Gekko evolves and grows as an artist in 2018. Check out “Visions Before” below and follow The Last Gekko on Facebook to stay updated on his new content.