Kazi Didit Drops Solo EP “Red House in the Winter”

Boston based artist & producer Kazi Didit is back with a solo EP “Red House In the Winter” that you need to add to your playlist. Right. Tf. Now.

KBX has followed Kazi Didit for a few years now and his most recent single “#PoolsClosed” with Amanda Music was an end of the summer banger. Kazi’s a producer who really knows what he’s doing when it comes to making & shaping music and it’s evident in his work.

This new EP is the perfect length to get to know Kazi not only as a producer but as a vocalist- this is one of his first projects where he’s the exclusive vocalist on all of the tracks. “Red House in the Winter” is only 3 tracks long but each song has a distinctively different feel. “GWS” is more melancholy than it’s counterparts while “Werk It Twerk It” is bouncy as hell, with some dope chords & progressions on the keys leading the bounce. “Come See ME” has a Caribbean vibe, propped up by more of Kazi’s smooth key work.

Listen to “Red House in the Winter” below and keep an eye out for more from Kazi Didit.