Haasan Barclay Dives In With “Deep Blue Sea” ft Michael Christmas

Y’all know when you hear something that goes hard from the moment it drops and you make this face?

Boston native Haasan Barclay’s new track “Deep Blue Sea” is gonna do that for you. This is the first new music we’ve heard so far from his upcoming untitled project and if this track is any indicator, Barclay has dope music in store for us this year.

Barclay’s last album Heaven Is Your Last Dream (which I reviewed last year when it dropped) was a well constructed amalgam of different genres & influences that really epitomized Barclay’s unique approach to music. Since then I’ve been hooked by his experimental song production, sound choice and song writing.

“Deep Blue Sea” is simultaneously euphoric & heavily metaphorical. The production on this jawn is crazy, with rumbling bass and steady percussion layered with classic 16 Bit video game sounds. And while using sounds from video games in musical production goes way back, Barclay marries the sounds together in a way we haven’t heard before. The track is bouncy but at the same time wavy, languid but at the same time, this is a track you can turn up to. Barclay’s wavy vocals paired with Michael Christmas’ spitfire delivery are a combustable combination.

Lyrically, “Deep Blue Sea” is filled with clever sea imagery and metaphors that are a navigation of the darker waters of either the music industry or of life in general. “They must think they know me so well…” Barclay sings melodically over the beat. “…I must have that blood they can’t smell”. I mean we’ve all seen Deep Blue Sea right? We all know what happens when sharks smell blood.



What Barclay is pointing out is that once you dive into deeper waters, there are gonna be sharks and “you know they gotta eat”. But if you’re like Haasan, you’ll swim on unbothered and keep creating more dope sh*t.

Listen to “Deep Blue Sea” below and keep an eye out for upcoming visuals. Catch Haasan Barclay live in Boston on April 29th at the Boston En Masse Music Festival.