Gio Dee Drops New Single “Sauce (No Numbers)”


Boston’s prodigal Gio Dee just gave us brand new listening material for the turn up this weekend with his new track “Sauce (No Numbers)”. The rapper’s last release was the music video for his laid back, hi hat heavy “Servin’ FreeStyle”. KBX was hype to see that it only took Gio Dee a few weeks to get back at dropping new and dope tracks for our listening pleasure.

“Sauce (No Numbers)” is a continuation of Gio Dee’s diverse, genre bending sound. DG produced the melodic, casual track that features some of our favorite combinations of Trap inspired hi hats and snares, punctuated by the high trill of an old school cell phone ring. The song is all about Gio Dee’s phone and how it’s blowing up constantly, from calls from fans, potential side chicks and haters. The instrumentals and the lyrics are simple but “Sauce (No Numbers)” is all about Gio Dee letting everyone know what his worth is. He’s describing the classic come up story- once you make it, you suddenly have a million people on your line, asking for favors or money. Gio Dee isn’t having it and unless you have the stacks to compensate him for his work, you can keep it moving.

Listen to “Sauce (No Numbers)” and watch out for Gio Dee’s next project on his SoundCloud– we’re bound to hear from him agai very soon.