DJ Candy Raine’s “Sex For Your Stereo” Is Perfect for Cuffin Szn

It’s Fall and it’s officially the beginning of cuffin season. DM’s are overflowing, side chicks are re-emerging and the age old question of “Netflix and Chill?” comes back around. DJ Candy Raine’s newest mix “Sex For Your Stereo” is perfect for this time of year- if speakers could have sex, it’d sound a lot like this. Effortlessly blending old school with new, Candy Raine’s lineup is the right soundtrack for that time of night when it’s just you, your bae and the music.

1. Intro
2. With Me
3. In The Middle
4. Loyalty
5. Porn Star
6. Half On A Baby
7. Jupiter
8. Nobody
9. Who’s Gonna (Nobody)
10. When We
11. DJ Play A Love Song
12. Things You Make Me Do
13. 10-4
14. Feenin’
15. Strange Fruit
16. Do U Wanna
17. Good Morning
18. Can’t Go No Mo
19. Sex So Good
20. While We’re Young
21. Ignition