C Wells Shines With Self Titled Project

It was C Wells appearance on Alexander Padei’s project “F*** It We’ll Do It Ourselves” that made us remember his own project “C Wells”. (We will be looking in the mail for our late pass.) The Lynn native turned in one of that albums best performances on “Blowback” bringing a gritty feel to Padei’s polished production. These guys have a solid chemistry.

And thats really a continuation of the vibe from his solo work. Wells’ mastery of melody is what draws you in. In a landscape where everything sounds like one long song, he finds a way to stand out without the repetitive nature of the current wave. “Nobody” has him bouncing over a minimalist track that allows his melodies to thrive.

Is Wells saving the world with every verse? No. Think of him as a melodic motivational speaker than a political scientist. His vibe is more about the trials and tribulations of fighting for success without the proper support while chasing a good time. If you’re looking for his harder edged street style hit his previous work. This album is about taking a seat in your psyche and camping out for a while. All in all a good effort that will not have you reaching for the skip button.

Take a listen for yourself below.