Bryson Tiller Reminisces In New Video For “Exchange”


Bryson Tiller just dropped new visuals for his track “Exchange”, off of his acclaimed 2015 album T R A P S O U L. “Exchange” was one of the most popular songs on the LP so it’s about time that the singer gave us a music video to accompany it.

The visuals are just what you think they would be, considering what “Exchange” is all about lyrically. A lot of T R A P S O U L centers around loosing a lover and the ensuing emotional pain. The video for “Exchange” features Tiller thinking back on the good times in his last relationship and his reflections on what it means to loose the woman he loves. His lover in question is on the same mental wavelength, flipping through an album Tiller sent to her, looking at pictures of the two together when they were happy. The video ends with them coming face to face though we don’t know whether it’s to get back together or to settle an old score.

Watch the video for “Exchange” below.