BIA and Russ’ “Best On Earth” is Heater, Ask Rihanna

Now that’s more like it. BIA has always had the look and the energy to reach the top. Now she has the record, her new collab with Russ “Best On Earth”, to go with it. Not to say that she hasn’t made good music. But there is a difference between good records and hit records. This is going to be a hit record.

And the fact that one of the biggest stars on the planet just declared it her new fave should help. Rihanna took to her Instagram and Twitter to share a slo-mo video with the song as the backing track and the caption “thank you @bia and @russ for my new fav song #BestOnEarth”

In a more driving by social media this is the ultimate lay-up.

Produced by Boi-1da, “Best On Earth” is built from Trillville’s song, “Some Cut”. Take a listen for yourself below and get ready to hear this everywhere.