Amandi Music And Kazi Drop New Summer Banger “Do It”


Singer Amandi and producer Kazi join musical forces on their fiyah new track “Do It”. Amandi’s vast vocal talent and Kazi’s ear for constructing musically intricate beats make this 1:52 minute song a short but sweet summer banger.

The crisp hi hats and snares give “Do It” a little bit of a Trap feel while the bouquet of Amandi’s harmonies and vocal runs bring us back to the golden days of R&B, when legendary greats like Usher and Silk were releasing tracks that made all the panties drop. “Do It” is, of course, about ‘doing it’. Amandi sings “I’ve waited so long/ to see you come/ over and over again” and “Just because I let go/ doesn’t mean I’m gonna slow it down/ cause everything that comes/ goes around”- the play on words is clever but highly sensual and sexual at the same time.

The only complaint about “Do It” is that it’s way too short. Hopefully Kazi and Amandi team up again soon to give us some more straight fire to heat up the summer months. Check out “Do It” below and make sure to follow both artists on their respective SoundClouds.