Alexander Padei

Alexander Padei Crafts A Signature Sound With F*** It, We’ll Do It Ourselves

This guy Alexander Padei is a one man band of the highest order. Producer, Recording Artist, Songwriter and DJ. He’s about self-empowerment for real. And he’s spread that to the team of artists that he worked with on his new album F*** It, We’ll Do It Ourselves.

How good is he? His mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and whatever else he wants is the foundation for some quality music. In fact he takes each of the artists to a new level. It would be very easy for this album to be a mess. There’s a lot of moving parts. But Padei has the skill to bring the best out of each of his musical comrades. The DecoFam, YN Prop and C Wells all turn in standout performances that will pique your interest in their other work. Play this whole project over and over and twice on Sunday.