Listen To The Final Instalment Of Prano’s Pranobama Mixtape Series

pranobama cover resize

Outsiders don’t think Boston rappers can actually rap. They don’t see the pen hit the pad and the countless studio sessions over on this side, but Prano’s newest project Pranobama 3 is definitely here to show them. Prano’s Pranobama mixtape series has left it’s mark not only on his career, but it’s given Boston a very special style and demeanor. The hard bars laced and delivered through this series is a motion of strong vibes, and P3 is a sure extension of that energy.

From the gates we’re punched with “What You Mad For” – an unapologetically tough track that sets the tone for songs like “Eat What You Kill” and “Make It Easy”. But what most aren’t ready for is a track featuring Brandon Troy that’s uncontrollably catchy in “Trust Me”. The song tames a wave of sounds and combines them to produce a raw and disgusting elegance.

Trust me.

Whether it’s banging at the club or out the speaker of the Acura stopped at the light, P3 goes hard. Catch the album here and let us know what you’re feeling in the comments.


1. What You Mad For produced by CT Beatz
2. Top Down produced by Automatik Beatz
3. Eat What You Kill produced by J Demers
4. Forget About It pt 2 produced by Mega Beatz
5. Trust Me ft Brandon Tory produced by Law
6. Art Basel produced by Billy Loman
7. About The Money ft Ariez Onasis produced by J Demers
8. They Don’t Know produced by Mega Beatz
9. Make It Easy produced by Automatik Beatz
10. Overseas produced by Duce P
11. Everything produced by J Demers
12. Dreamer produced by Automatik Beatz