Prano Continues His Campaign With ‘PRANOBAMA 2’ #P2

pranobama 2 front cover

Around the KBX Dojo we always talk about how the artists that don’t have quality music are the ones who work the hardest. The young MC from Boston, Prano is definitely breaking that cycle. He’s exhibiting the work ethic to match his bars. Instead of being to cool to grind, he’s in the streets for real; shaking hands and kissing babies to make sure the people know he got that work. And his latest work Pranobama 2 is of the highest quality.

Prano supplies aggressive bars to match his built by money lifestyle. This guy loves the 90’s and early 2000’s era hip hop. You can hear that he’s spent many a night studying Jay Z and Fabolous bars from Clue tapes of days gone by. That’s evident through out the Pranobama 2. Prano particularly shines when he takes a break from the original material and spits on a throwback track. But his love doesn’t have him stuck in a bygone era. Joints like “Street Dreams” featuring Avenue (another MC to look out for) and “Forget About It” draw from the raw East Coast lexicon without sounding dated. He stays with the fly talk even when he turns up on the track a rare feat in these days and times. Production-wise tracks like “Built By Money,” “Street Dreams” and “Forget About It” actually sound like the foundation of a new sound. They meld the sample drums that true school cats love with the syth-tracks that dominate the radio. Over all Pranobama 2 is a great foundation for an artist that should stay squarely on the radar well into 2015. Check it out below.