J. Cole Drops Surprise ‘Might Delete Later’ Featuring Cam’ron And More

J. Cole’s latest release, “Might Delete Later,” has stirred up significant buzz with its track “7 Minute Drill,” where he seemingly fires back at Kendrick Lamar’s recent diss track, “Like That”. The song’s title, referencing a military procedure to respond to threats, sets the stage for the confrontational tone.

In “7 Minute Drill,” Cole delivers pointed lyrics suggesting a challenge to Lamar while defending his own legacy. He addresses the nature of rap beef, hinting at a potential showdown on the mic, which has ignited speculation and debate among fans.

This exchange between Cole and Lamar comes amidst a backdrop of tension in the hip hop community, with Drake also mentioned in the mix [2]. Drake, known for his indirect responses, addressed the situation during a recent performance, reaffirming his confidence and dominance.

The release of “Might Delete Later” and its standout track “7 Minute Drill” mark another chapter in the ongoing saga of hip hop’s competitive landscape, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further developments in this unfolding narrative.