Dom Kennedy – “Yellow Album”

The (temporary) disappearance of KBB prevented me from sharing what I’ve been bumping the last few days. Dom Kennedy’s (@DopeItsDom) Yellow Album is one of the greatest project’s that I’ve heard this year. Now of course one isn’t to expect extremely dope lyrics from Dom, otherwise, you’ve completely missed the point of listening to him, and such expectations will make you hate his music anyway. But when it comes to that cocky, head nodding, riding around around in the whip on a hot Summer day with your significant other or homies ish, Dom hits the nail on the head. There’s something for everybody on here, and I thank goodness the Yellow Album was actually released as a free album, but had it hit iTunes, it would definitely be worth the money. A solid project without the features but some verses from Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and Too $hort don’t hurt. Yellow Album. Enjoy.