Ariez Onasis Puts In 10,000 HOURS

ao 10000 front

Is it BAUEWYK season and no one told us?

Someone over at Frank The Butcher’s collective must have hit the “GO!” button. First we get Prano’s bar-heavy Pranobama 3. . Now Ariez Onasis comes through with the Jack Frost hosted 10,000 Hours. Inspired by the Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, where he explains that it takes 10.000 hours to become a master in a craft, the Worcester, Massachusetts lyricist displays his skills over a few industry beats and has his way with them. And if you want some of that original work he includes a pair of J. Cardim heaters at the end. But this is leaving us with questions. How long before Avenue and Deon Chase join in the festivities? When do we get the full BAUEWYK project?

Till then jump in the stream below.

ao 10000 back