Listen: BIA Comes Back With A Heater Straight Outta “Hollywood”

One quick play of BIA’s new single “Hollywood” will have a large portion of the internets going “THAT’S WTF I’m TALKING ABOUT!!” The Boston area born MC moved out to Tinsel Town a couple of years ago in the wake of her turn on the reality show “Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop”. And she’s seen some things. Toured with Pusha T. Caught a Grammy with J Balvin and her mentor Pharrell. Now after a couple of loose singles, she’s back with a winner.

“Hollywood” is the stuff of drunken girl’s trips and Instagram captions. This is the kind of joint that’s playing when The Rock is walking into a meeting on “Ballers”. She slows her perfectly distinct rap voice to a drawl as she warns of the dangers of the Left Coast’s capital. This feels like a go for real. Let’s hope this is the joint that will finally catapult her to new heights. Take a listen below and leave your thoughts.