Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

What The Hell Is A Killer BoomBox?!?

It’s started off innocent enough. A Twitter debate on who could be considered the Michael Jordan of Hip Hop had set my @GValentinoBall timeline ablaze. And Brook was the culprit who hypothesized that Nas was the Charles Barkley of the game. As I am sure you can imagine, that went over like a fat kid in a fence jumping contest. The back and forth was amazing. The passion that came from both sides erased the generation gap that they say engulfs the culture today. You had old heads talking with younger cats putting some context into the discussion. Younger cats were shedding some light on their perceptions. The debate allowed both sides to drop a few jokes and get some understanding. It was all in good fun but in that Twitter debate I understood exactly why needs to be here.

I’ve been here before. Or at least it seems like it. Maybe it’s the many years of long days and longer nights, but déjà vu hit me on the regular, so forgive me. As a kid my family would make the drive from Boston to Trenton, NJ and I could barely contain myself. Not that Trenton was the hot bed of fun activities. (Be easy. No shots. Some of my best friends are Trentonians.) But for me it was what those trips represented. Music. It started in the car. In the ancient times before you could listen to radio through your phone, you actually had to BE in the market of your favorite station. Yeah I know “olden times”. As soon as we were a little north of New Haven, CT my begging for control of the car stereo would begin. See that’s where the faint signals of NY would start to cut through the static filled radio of my aunt’s blue Bonneville. WBLS, 98.7 Kiss and later Hot 97 would give me the life’s blood of any music fanatic; “New Shxt!” (DJ Clue voice). Once we got there it was even better. Trenton, NJ is beautiful for a number of reasons. Good people. Good food. American history. My family. And the very wonderful sweet spot position of being in the middle of the NY and Philly media markets. My older cousins and I would sit in my cousin Karl’s room listening to his seemingly wall sized boom box and make tapes for me to bring back home. I’d lock in as the DJ’s would let go bits of info of who rocked what spot, how beefs started and whatever other news of the day. I didn’t just want the music. I wanted to be enveloped in the culture. And after every trip, my thirst was under control – at least for a while.

Simply put is the newest manifestation of that thirst.

Why, though? There are a million and one places where you can get the latest Lil Wayne leak or hear about what celebutante has a sex tape. The answer is we wanted a place where we could turn people on to the broad selection of good Urban music, news and entertainment that’s out there. We want to bring you real information. We want to document and tell our story before someone else rewrote our history. Basically, show you the Urban music culture through our lens. Plus we really just got sick of hearing “no”. Truthfully, we don’t do well with being told what we can’t do.

My partners and I were told that this content wasn’t being looked for by people in New England and beyond. We were told that it couldn’t all live under the same roof. New Hip Hop and R&B artists couldn’t exist with dancehall’s finest or some left field dance music. I got sick of people telling me that there wasn’t an audience beyond tits, ass and bum fights. We’re not trying to hear that you didn’t want the best of the ‘Net plus original content created by people passionate about bringing it to you in an intelligent (and sometimes smartass) way.  We wanted to create a spot where fresh, wise ass, music nerds like ourselves could spread the gospel of good music and keep you in the know. So we went and got some of our friends and we decided to go hard.

I promise you this. It won’t be easy. It won’t be perfect. But it will be heartfelt. Sometimes we will be profane. But at all times we will be passionate. Who knows? It could all go down in an ugly heap of bullshit. Or it could be a spectacular success. I’m heavily betting on the latter. Let me know what you think and spread the word. Hopefully you will dig what you see.

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